Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Disputes can be resolved in a number of different ways. Our disputes specialists are highly experienced in selecting the best alternative to litigation in the courts. 

Litigation can be costly and time-consuming so we will work with you to consider, where appropriate, alternative forms of dispute resolution. Our team can help you to consider the best option available, whether arbitration, mediation, facilitation or negotiation.

Our team has extensive experience of mediation, and our specialists regularly guide clients through this process, from selecting a mediator through to drafting the settlement agreement. Our Psychology of Mediation and Negotiation training course has proven popular with a broad range of clients, taking participants through the non-legal cues and behaviour that can help create the environment for a positive settlement outcome.

Arbitration is, of course, an alternative to the courts, and you can find out more about our arbitration expertise here.

There are many other forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as expert determination, adjudication, mini-trial or early neutral evaluation.

Our team can help you decide the best process to resolve your dispute.