Administrative and public law

Acclaimed public law practitioners providing indispensable strategic public law advice in the UK and internationally.

Public law governs interactions between government and individuals, organisations or businesses. There are several hundred government bodies and agencies responsible for delivering government services and making expenditure decisions in the UK, and these bodies must act lawfully.

Ongoing, and profound, constitutional change in the UK (Brexit and devolution) will continue to provide significant opportunities for challenges to decision-making across all areas of economic activity in the UK. 

We are acclaimed public lawyers with 360-degree knowledge of public law rules through our work both with organisations and public bodies throughout the UK and internationally. Our expertise extends from legislative drafting and answering constitutional questions through to public sector governance and judicial review challenges across all economic and professional sectors in the UK.

Our services

Advice on all aspects of lawful decision-making: our lawyers advise on lawful decision-making, judicial review challenges to the decisions of public bodies, public inquiries and constitutional evolution and change. Our advice is reliable, and is regularly tested in the courts. 

Constitutional change: we have an exceptional track record of advising a wide range of public bodies and key industry players on constitutional change, its implications in relevant sectors and the legal consequences flowing from the developing constitutional arrangements in the UK. We have an in-depth understanding of the UK’s evolving constitutional framework, from the devolved governments through to the UK’s relationship with the EU. 

Drafting services: we provide drafting services, and have expertise in legislative drafting, including proposing and drafting changes to draft legislation on behalf of organisations, along with preparing and drafting statutory notices for public bodies. We regularly draft consultation responses on behalf of organisations, and design and prepare the framework of consultative exercises for them.

Cross-Border Regulator of the Electricity Market

Acted successfully for the cross-border regulator of the electricity market on the island of Ireland in defending two concurrent judicial review actions concerning charges made by power generators. 

Scottish Parliament Legislation

Advising on the legality of Scottish Parliament legislation across all areas: advising an NGO on draft reform legislation and advocating for legislative change, advising a major tobacco manufacturer on the legality of anti-smoking legislation, and the prospects for successful challenges. 

Scottish Water Regulator

Long-standing advisers to Scotland’s water regulator in relation to public law matters, to the Standards Commission in Scotland (the conduct regulator for Scotland’s local councillors) on its statutory powers and processes, the Scottish SPCA, and several local councils across Scotland.