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Friday 19th April 2024

In the emerging digital age, companies are increasingly using and developing pricing algorithms to help them determine prices on a near real-time basis. In this article, the Regulation and Markets team considers how the use of these algorithms can impact competition, with a particular focus on the hotel online booking sector.

Friday 19th April 2024

In the recent case of R (Montaño) v London Borough of Lambeth, the High Court emphasised the importance of public authorities and their legal advisors having candour and cooperation at the forefront of their minds and actions from the outset and throughout judicial review proceedings.

Thursday 18th April 2024

Since 2007, schemes for development have been available for renewable development projects on crofts or common grazings. This guide outlines the details of these schemes and highlights the necessary legal requirements when seeking approval from the Scottish Land Court.

Wednesday 10th April 2024

Rural landowners and businesses may be considering diversifying their offerings in order to grow – if this includes alcohol it is critical to understand the alcohol licensing requirements you may be subject to.

Extended version of an article originally published in Scottish Land and Estates (p.42).

Tuesday 9th April 2024

In this article, we focus on the new measures implemented in the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (ECCT Act) to hold organisations to account and the extent to which those measures are interlinked with ESG considerations.