Psychology of negotiation - 2020 webinar series

Watch our "psychology of negotiation" webinar series again, providing you with insights to improve the potential for you and your business to achieve the desired outcome in negotiations and avoid costly litigation where disputes arise. 

17 January 2020

Watch again our webinar series on the psychology of negotiation, exploring concepts which will improve the potential for you and your business to achieve the desired outcome in negotiations, and to avoid costly litigation where disputes arise. To discuss your situation in more detail with one of our experts, contact our commerical disputes team in the first instance.

Webinar one: mediation dynamics

Mediation is a practical and cost-effective 'resolution tool' to consider in any dispute or conflict situation, but how familiar are you with the dynamics and tactics used in a mediation? Understanding how to effectively use and prepare for a mediation requires an understanding of mediation dynamics and negotiating strategies, which in turn can improve the potential for you and your business to achieve a desired outcome and avoid costly litigation. 


Webinar two: communciating effectively in conflicts - digitally and in person

The ability to convey and illustrate your point clearly either in an email, on the phone or in person is an important skill to master. While it may take time and practice to master the 'art' of communicating effectively, there are a number of simple steps you can take to speed your way to clearer communication.


Webinar three: conflicts - bridging the cultural divide

In an increasingly interconnected and digital world it is surprisingly easy to miscommunicate. This can become an expensive problem in a conflict situation - whether that is a personal, financial or time cost for you, personally, or for your business. It is worth taking the time to improve your ability to understand the environmental, social and business contexts that others operate in, so that you can build a 'bridge' across any cultural divides encountered and improve conflict or business outcomes.


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