Thomas has experience in providing advice and assistance in a wide variety of matters including pursuing Simple Procedure, Summary Cause and Ordinary Actions on behalf of clients in Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland. This includes successful independent negotiation and settlement of such claims out with court and court appearance work.

Thomas also has experience in a multitude of other contentious matters, including assisting in various Commercial Actions raised in the Court of Session either by or against clients, Petitions pursuant to s1 of the Administration of Justice (Scotland) Act 1972, professional negligence actions (including acting for and against pension scheme administrators, solicitors, accountants and surveyors) and other contractual and delictual claims. 

Further, he has experience in registration and enforcement of foreign judgments in Scotland via Petition to the Court of Session, including successful enforcement of judgments from England, France and Germany. 

Thomas has also provided liquor and gambling licensing advice and assistance to several large clients, including applications to the Gambling Commission, dealing with local Licensing Authorities and Licencing Boards and representing clients at Licensing Board hearings. 

He was admitted as a solicitor in Scotland in October 2013 after one year as a Trainee Solicitor, allowing him to appear regularly in Sheriff Courts across Scotland on behalf of clients before becoming fully qualified in September 2014. Thomas has also appeared before the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland, Housing and Property Chamber in respect of an application concerning the repairing standard by a tenant against a commercial landlord.

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