Crofting Law

The laws and regulations relating to crofting in Scotland are unique and evolving. If you need specialist guidance from experienced advisors we are here to help. The firm’s rural team regularly works with crofting landlords, crofting tenants, owner-occupiers and those developing on croft and common grazing land.

We can support you with:

  • Preparing and submitting applications to the Crofting Commission – including advising on assignation, apportionments, decrofting, division, subletting applications and other dealings with the Crofting Commission
  • Renewable energy and crofting – we are experienced in renewable projects on croft land, including Section 19A “Scheme for Development” applications
  • Resumption applications to the Scottish Land Court for resumptions from crofting tenure
  • Crofters right to buy – we assist both landlords or crofting tenants on the sale or purchase of crofts under the crofting right to buy laws
  • Croft transactions – we have experience in the sale and purchase of croft land, whether owner occupier or tenancies

Our dedicated agricultural lawyers can also advise on succession and bequests of croft tenancies, crofting succession disputes, seeking declarator as to the extent and boundaries of crofts, and whether land is subject to crofting tenure.

If you have a complex crofting legal challenge please get in touch and our specialist rural business team will be happy to help you tackle it.