Contract Farming

Contract Farming arrangements have grown in popularity in recent years reflecting the needs of the agricultural industry. 

These arrangements enable modern farming businesses to access land which may not otherwise be available and allow farmers to step away from day-to-day farming as part of their retirement plans.

A Contract Farming Agreement requires to be carefully documented.

Both the Farmer and the Contractor must be clear on their responsibilities, obligations and undertakings to ensure it is operated by both parties properly and avoid being regarded as a sham - which can have serious legal and taxation consequences.

We regularly work closely with other key advisors including land agents, agricultural consultants and accountants to:

  • Assist in the creation and preparation of a contract farming agreement
  • Advise on the management of a contract farming agreement
  • Deal with disputes under the terms of a contract farming agreement
  • Act in the termination of a contract farming arrangement.

By ensuring that your Contract Farming Agreement is properly created and documented at the outset, it will enable the arrangement between the parties to operate efficiently and harmoniously for many years to come.