Carbon markets are a key element in the commitment to Net Zero goals. This evolving area provides a number of new opportunities for business and landowners alike.

We are proud to act in the forefront of this area and have provided advice to landowners, developers, charities and corporate entities in providing dynamic advice on how to best structure carbon-related projects.

Our experience includes:

  • Preparing Carbon Agreement together with relative Standard Securities and Conservation Burdens to facilitate woodland and peatland schemes for the purchase of carbon credits;
  • Acting in lease arrangement for the facilitation of carbon capture schemes;
  • Acting in providing funding to a community body to complete a community buy-out from an estate, secured against the carbon credits to be realised by Langholm Initiative in undertaking forestry projects following the purchase; and
  • Purchasing property for the purposes of carbon sequestration.

Alongside our colleagues in Regulation and Markets, we can also provide advice on the Woodland Carbon Code.

Carbon Credits continue to be a part of client’s ESG strategies and we are proud to be involved in this innovative area and provide tailored advice in this growing sector.