Higher Education Sector

Dealing with immigration issues can be a key challenge for the higher education sector. Our immigration experts work with international students, staff and universities. 

Immigration is a key challenge for the higher education sector. Our immigration team has considerable expertise in this specialist area and can provide strategic project-driven advice, as well as ongoing support.

Despite the importance of international students and staff to the higher education sector, they do not get any special treatment from the Home Office. Universities, colleges, schools and research organisations are subject to the same strict immigration rules and penalties as commercial organisations. For sponsor licence holders, the consequences of non-compliance with the rules can be particularly severe and far-reaching. Universities found in breach of their sponsorship duties risk losing their licence.

Our immigration team is embedded within our employment team. Often, issues concerning an employee’s immigration status will overlap with immigration issues, for example in relation to issues such as Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificates or issues relating to right to work evidence. Our existing clients frequently comment on the benefits to them of being able to source both services from one provider.

We are experienced in providing the following immigration services to the sector:

  • advising on international staff sponsorship and compliance duties;
  • advising on international student sponsorship and compliance duties;
  • advising on right to work checking policies and visa schemes for visiting academics, scientists and students.

To arrange a fixed-fee consultation to discuss your immigration issues, email John Vassiliou at john.vassiliou@shepwedd.com today with details of the issues you would like advice on, or fill in the webform below.

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