Sponsor Licence Refusals, Suspension, and Revocation

If your sponsor licence is refused, suspended, or revoked, our expert immigration solicitors can provide advice and guidance.

Sponsor licence applications are confusing. We will make the process as simple as possible. The current application system was designed over a decade ago. Questions are vague. Evidential requirements are scattered over a series of documents. It’s easy to make mistakes if you are unfamiliar with the application process.

What if my sponsor licence application was refused?

Don’t worry, that's where our expert immigration lawyers can provide assistance and guide you through the processWe will assess the reasons for refusal and then work closely with you to make a strong fresh application, or to challenge the decision. 

Common reasons for refusal include:

  • failing to provide the right documents;
  • failing to persuade the Home Office that you are a genuine sponsor;
  • nominating unsuitable people as Authorising Officer, Key Contact, or Level 1 User;
  • triggering a compliance visit which goes badly;
  • simple human caseworking error, where the Home Office has misunderstood or missed a key piece of evidence: these errors do happen, and they happen often

Sponsor Licence Suspension and Revocation

Failure to comply with your sponsor licence duties can result in your sponsor licence being suspended or revoked.

Sponsor licence suspension is serious and will prevent your business from being able to sponsor new workers while the Home Office investigate. Revocation of a licence has severe consequences and will result in the cancellation of sponsored workers’ visas. Suspension will in most cases lead to revocation unless it is successfully challenged.

If your sponsor licence is suspended or revoked, please contact us at the earliest opportunity to allow us to review the circumstances and help you respond to the notice of suspension or revocation.

We can also work with you proactively to mitigate the possibility of your sponsor licence being suspended or revoked. We provide sponsor licence compliance training and carry out mock Home Office audits with the key personnel at your business to help ensure your business remains compliant.

Common reasons for suspension and revocation include:

  • poor record keeping;
  • employing or continuing to employ an individual without a right to work;
  • not having appropriate key personnel in place;
  • poor HR policies and procedures.

Civil Penalties for Illegal Working

All employers in the UK must comply with illegal working legislation and face significant penalties for employing workers without appropriate permission to work in the UK.

Non-compliance and failure to conduct appropriate right to work checks can result in the Home Office issuing your business with a Civil Penalty Notice, carrying fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker.

Employers can avoid liability for a civil penalty if the correct right to work checks were carried out before the individual commenced employment. Even if there are illegal workers found at your business, you avoid liability if you carried out the right to work check correctly. It is imperative that right to work check processes at your business are up-to-date and in line with the current legislation.

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Our team provides comprehensive training on right to work check requirements and procedures to help your business mitigate any potential liability for a Civil Penalty.

If you have received a Civil Penalty Notice, or a Referral for a Civil Penalty Notice, we can also help you respond to and challenge the notice if appropriate.