Foreign Adoptions in Scotland

Adopting a step-child in the UK, or adopting a child from outside the UK, can be a stressful and difficult to navigate process. Our immigration experts can help you navigate the bureaucratic procedures. 

How can Shepherd and Wedderburn help?

We understand how stressful it can be to navigate all the bureaucratic procedures surrounding foreign adoptions. We will work alongside you to ensure all of the correct legal procedures are followed when you adopt a step-child in the UK, or adopt a child from outside the UK.

Proper immigration planning is vital to ensuring the immigration and nationality status of your child. If the child is overseas and not currently British, you will need to obtain the correct immigration permission for the child to enter the UK for the purposes of adoption. Our team of immigration experts can advise you on all of the visa requirements before you embark on your journey. This type of strategic planning is key to avoiding stress further down the line. However, before engaging with us, we strongly recommend that you engage with your local authority council about the adoption process.

Our team has experience working with adoptions of children from around the globe, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Palestine, South Africa, Kenya, and the USA. These types of adoption normally require the child to have entered the UK on a specific visa for the purposes of adoption.

If a step-child is already in the UK and holds a different type of visa, such as a dependant visa, adopting the child through a UK court could confer British citizenship on the child. This would eliminate the need for future visa applications and secure the child’s nationality status. Our team has extensive experience in foreign step-child adoptions in Scotland.

Children adopted abroad are unlikely to automatically be British. This means that when you decide to relocate to the UK, you will need to secure either a visa or British citizenship for the child.

If you are British and have already adopted a non-British child abroad, you can apply to register the child as a British citizen at the discretion of the Home Secretary. Registering a child as a British citizen is a necessary step towards securing a British passport for the child. This type of application is evidence-heavy and requires attention to detail. We have made a number of successful applications of this type and can offer you assistance through this process from start to finish. 

To arrange a fixed-fee consultation to discuss British citizenship, email John Vassiliou at today with details of the issues you would like advice on, or fill in the webform below.


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