Health, Safety and Environmental

Our health, safety and environmental specialists will work with you to provide solutions to the most challenging issues presented by an HSE investigation or prosecution.

Our experts in health, safety and environmental law are focused on ensuring that your corporate reputation is preserved, so far as possible, through any Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation or prosecution.

Health and safety compliance is essential for all businesses. Failure to adhere to the regulatory requirements can result in the imposition of significant financial penalties and potential reputational damage.

We have experience of providing health and safety advice across a variety of sectors and industries, including oil and gas, energy, construction, transport, and hospitality.

Members of our team have also been seconded as in-house legal counsel for a major oil and gas company, and to the Health and Safety Division of the Crown Office.

Our work in health and safety and environmental law includes:

  • providing on-site support to clients during investigations, liaising directly with enforcement authorities/agencies, and advising clients on interviews under caution and any disclosure obligations;
  • advising on a wide range of health and safety and environmental matters, including employee injuries, chemical incidents, pollution events, food and allergens, and fatal accidents; and
  • representing clients at Fatal Accident Inquiries.

Our solicitors and Solicitor Advocates also conduct advocacy at procedural hearings, substantive hearings and trial diets, and negotiate alternative resolutions to court proceedings.

We support clients on a wide variety of health and safety and environmental issues including:

  • immediate emergency response and incident investigation, supporting the internal investigation team;
  • liaising with regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the Food Standards Agency (FSA), and Environmental Health Officers;
  • undertaking diligence exercises for property and corporate transactions;
  • advising on audit and risk assessment, policies and procedures, and the impact that new legislation may have on business;
  • delivering tailored training to senior management on both their health and safety and environmental obligations and liabilities; and
  • representing client representatives and employees when being interviewed under caution.