We act as UK Representative for a number of client organisations in respect of privacy-related matters.

In order for us to direct your enquiry to the correct organisation, we need some information about who you are trying to contact and the nature of your enquiry.

Making contact 

Please complete this form to provide that information.

  • We can only deal with enquiries relating to privacy concerns in respect of our client organisations, not customer issues or complaints regarding those organisations. If you have a customer service issue, then please contact the relevant organisation directly through the appropriate channels.
  • If we do not consider that your enquiry relates to a privacy-related matter or you have not provided us with sufficient information to allow us to forward your concern, then we will advise you accordingly.
  • We will also tell you if you are seeking to contact an organisation for which we do not act.
  • We will not deal with any contacts containing abusive or offensive language.
  • We will accept service of legal documents only in respect of privacy-related matters.

We act as UK Representative for our clients and as such will forward your enquiry to them. We will notify you that your enquiry has been received, however further correspondence will be directly from the organisation you are seeking to contact and it will be responsible for dealing with your enquiry. We will only respond to your enquiry where directly authorised to do so by our client organisation. We cannot oblige any organisation to respond to you.

We have a legal obligation as UK Representative to transfer your enquiry to our client organisation and therefore we require to process your personal data for that purpose. You can find details of how we process personal data in our privacy policy. You should note that your rights in relation to your personal data will be limited by our legal obligations as UK Representative. If you prefer that Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP  does not process your personal data as UK Representative, then you should contact the relevant client organisation directly. There is no obligation on your part to make contact via the UK Representative.

UK Representative Services for non-UK data controllers

Since 1 January 2021, all non UK-based data controllers and processors offering goods or services to UK citizens, or tracking their behaviour, will need to appoint a UK Representative. The UK Representative’s role is principally to communicate with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK and data subjects.

We offer a fixed-fee UK Representative service providing electronic liaison and managing communications from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and from data subjects in the UK. In short, this service, led by our data protection specialists, is designed to alleviate the burden of this aspect of regulatory compliance on our clients.

If you are an organisation and want to find out more about our fixed-fee UK Representative service, contact us here.