Since 1 January 2021, all non UK-based data controllers and processors offering goods or services to citizens in the United Kingdom need to have a UK Representative in place. 

To assist clients in meeting this requirement, we offer a fixed-fee UK Representative service.

What is a UK Representative? 

The UK Representative is appointed principally to communicate on privacy related matters with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and data subjects. This is mandatory under the UK GDPR for most data controllers and processors offering goods or services to UK citizens or tracking their behaviour, who do not have a UK presence.

Do I need a UK Representative? 

Not every organisation needs a UK representative, for example, public authorities are exempt.

However, your organisation needs to appoint a UK Representative if it has no offices, branches or other establishments in the UK and it is offering goods or services to individuals in the UK or monitoring the behaviour of individuals in the UK. This is the case irrespective of whether your organisation is based in the EU or beyond.

Arrange a consultation today to discuss your requirement in more detail. 

In addition, where organisations based outside the EU previously used a UK-based entity as their EU Representative they can no longer do so and will need to appoint a new EU Representative based in an EU Member State. We offer an EU Representative service through our subsidiary Saltire Data Protection Services Limited based in Dublin. 

This service is also available for organisations based in the UK who target goods or services at EU citizens but don’t have a presence inside the EU. 

Find out more about our EU Representative Service.

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