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Friday 31st March 2023

A huge part of the success of esports is the effective branding that surrounds the games that are produced and played worldwide. In fact, market forecasts estimated that the esports industry was worth over $2bn in 2022This article aims to showcase the benefits of protecting esports brands — including esports organisations — through the use of copyright and trade mark protection, whilst highlighting the pitfalls to be aware of when developing a brand protection strategy.


Thursday 30th March 2023

What happens if croft tenancies are not transferred by succession within the statutory time limits? It may seem reasonable to assume that such transfers would be invalid. The Scottish Land Court, in a recent decision, contended that transfers completed out with the time limit could be terminated at the Landlord’s discretion. This article will examine the recent case of Pattinson v Matheson and what its ramifications might mean in practice going forward.