Data Protection - an update

Our information law team share practical insights into the current proposals and developments in UK and European data protection law.

Sunday 3 March 2024 | 01:23pm GMT - 01:23pm GMT
Minutes CPD

2018 saw a seismic shift in the way in which data protection is regulated in Europe. Five years on, and we have seen regulation and practice significantly developed but many challenges remain, not least developments in the use of AI.

The UK government has set out its second attempt to reshape UK data protection laws – making minimal but, it would argue, significant changes to the previously published proposals.

Worldwide, the number of countries enacting some form of privacy laws continues to grow, which is leading to an increased focus on how to manage international transfers of personal data.

However, the main focus remains on developments in Europe with the negotiations to resolve the US issue as well as the Irish Data Protection Commission’s ruling on the question of transfers by Meta to the US. This decision could have far reaching implications for many international businesses.

We invite you to join our information law team as our specialist panel shares legal expertise and practical insights with particular focus on:

1. International transfers –the implications of the DPC ruling on Meta and the current state of EU/US negotiations.
2. AI and privacy
3. Compensation for breach – current trends in case law
4. Reform of UK data protection law and an overview of recent ICO activity
5. Five years of GDPR – key actions for compliance

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