What is on the horizon for Scotland’s food and drink operators?

3 June 2016

What is on the horizon for Scotland’s food and drink operators?

Following last month’s Scottish elections, the Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF), together with leading UK law firm, Shepherd and Wedderburn and Public Relations Consultancy, Grayling, is holding a food policy seminar on Wednesday 8 June to explore how businesses in the food and drink sector might be affected by the direction taken by the new Scottish Parliament.

In this half-day event, speakers will look at the challenges facing the sector and what the emergent balance of power inside the Scottish Parliament might mean in terms of agenda-setting for Scotland’s food and drink operators.

Shepherd and Wedderburn partner, George Frier, who heads up the firm’s food and drink team which has extensive experience in working with clients ranging across the supply chain from primary producers, household name manufacturers, brewers and distillers to distributors and food retailers, will deliver a presentation on the proposed and potential legislation particularly of the Holyrood Government.

Against the backdrop of proposals by the Westminster Government, including the soft drink sugar tax, the Digital Economy Bill and the Better Markets Bill, George will review the legislative programme that has been announced by the Scottish Government, including the bill for a Circular Economy and the Good Food Nation Bill.

He commented: “Both the Scottish and Westminster Governments have ambitious bills in the pipeline, but since many businesses in the Scottish food and drink sector are also exporters, the outcome of the impending EU referendum could also have a significant impact. We look forward to discussing the proposed legislative changes with participants at the SFDF seminar.”

Other expert speakers at the event are SFDF CEO, David Thomson and Grayling Director, Ross Laird. All speakers will be available for questions during a Q&A session, which follows the presentations.

The event takes place at Shepherd and Wedderburn’s Edinburgh office and registrations can be made through the SFDF website.


George Frier ,