Shepherd and Wedderburn partners Hamish Patrick, Rod MacLeod, and Andrew Kinnes have joined other eminent finance lawyers from around the globe to produce a new authoritative legal guide –Fund Finance 2017, published this month by Global Legal Insights.

The publication covers legal trends and developments in the arena of fund finance markets, providing financial institutions, funds, lawyers, and investors with comprehensive guidance and insight into areas such as arbitration, hybrid, and asset-backed finance facilities; and private equity secondaries.  The Shepherd and Wedderburn team contributed the chapter on Scotland, one of 17 countries covered in the book.

In it, the team look at Scotland’s long history of innovation in the financial sector and provide detailed commentary on areas such as fund formation, security interest reform, and private fund limited partnerships. The authors also touch on Brexit and the Scottish political landscape.

Their chapter can be downloaded from the publisher’s website free of charge. Other chapters can be downloaded here.