Is the future of your business secure?

How many business owners look like ducks on the pond – calm on the surface, but actually paddling like mad?

28 February 2017

All business owners need to plan ahead but amid the day-to-day demands of running a business, how can you be sure that you have put the right plans in place to secure your own future? Is your family owned business going to have a secure future?

When and how will you build enough value and management competencies to ensure a sound succession plan is in place?

If you’re part of a family owned or owner-managed business, then join us at our workshop on 24 March to explore these issues and more. Lawyers from our Family Business Group will be joined by business planning expert, Fergus King of Shirlaws Group.

Fergus is one of the foremost business coaches in the UK who has worked with a large number of leading, owner-managed businesses over the years.

He will talk you through some of the strategies you might consider for embedding long-term value in your business. He will also share his thoughts on the ways in which the right culture can be fostered to produce sustainable growth, and ultimately a smooth path to exiting the business.