Shepherd and Wedderburn’s employment team has collaborated with 30 leading law firms across Europe to produce the European Employment Law Update for 2018.

Now in its fourth year, the update is aimed at organisations with a pan-European presence. It provides an overview of the key reforms being introduced to European employment law over the next year, including areas such as gig economy and worker status, preparation for the General Data Protection regulation in May 2018, and enhanced family leave provisions. Key considerations related to traditional employment areas such as increases to the minimum wage and long-term illness protections are also explored.

Shepherd and Wedderburn partner and employment law expert Katie Russell, who edited the guide, said: “Employment law has dominated the headlines recently – from Pimlico to Deliveroo – so it’s more important than ever for organisations to know how changes to these laws affect them. That’s why we put together this European Employment Law Update. Whether you’re a company based in the UK or Europe, this guide offers a concise, thorough overview of the pertinent changes to European employment law for 2018.

“As the Brexit process progresses, organisations already operating in or looking to expand into the European market need to be aware of what is going on with regards to employment law, and our guide provides them with an invaluable resource written by leading lawyers in 30 key jurisdictions.”

You can download the European Employment Law Update for 2018 here