Shepherd and Wedderburn’s Countdown to Brexit in Aberdeen

17 March 2017

Shepherd and Wedderburn’s Countdown to Brexit in Aberdeen

Judging by the large turnout in Aberdeen earlier this week at Shepherd and Wedderburn’s  Countdown to Brexit  briefing, the appetite for impartial guidance and information among businesses as to how Brexit negotiations might play out doesn’t appear to have waned in the ten months since the UK voted ‘leave’.

 An enthusiastic audience comprising business leaders from a range of sectors such as property, financial services, life sciences, academic institutions and SMEs gathered for the event hoping to glean greater insight into how the regulatory landscape might evolve in the run up to Brexit and what comes after.

The event was led by members of the Shepherd and Wedderburn cross-sectoral Brexit advisory team who have long been leading the way in helping business to understand and plan for possible regulatory developments as a result of constitutional change. The client event was the latest in a whole series of Brexit initiatives by the firm encompassing client training, briefings, analyses, and webinars.

Joining the Shepherd and Wedderburn team were guest speakers, Andy Maciver and Peter Duncan, political commentators and strategists at Message Matters. Well known for advising major corporates on political risk, the duo were able to drill down into the manoeuvring and positioning of Holyrood and Westminster, foreshadowing the rather terse exchange between Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and Prime Minister, Theresa May, occurring later in the week on the question of a second Scottish independence referendum.

Prospects for wider political change across the EU whilst Brexit negotiations continue; the likely impact in the short and long term on investment into Scotland; and the implications on trade arrangements in non-UK jurisdictions, including Ireland and other European territories were among other topics which fuelled the lively question and answer session.