Shepherd and Wedderburn Retained on Sainsbury’s Legal Community

24 June 2014

Shepherd and Wedderburn Retained on Sainsbury’s Legal Community

Sainsbury’s has recently concluded the third review of its Legal Community, asking all firms involved to demonstrate expertise, appetite, value for money and an understanding of the demands of the retail sector and Sainsbury’s values.

The review also focused on continued cost management by firms and a willingness to work collaboratively with in-house teams to deliver legal services to the business. Shepherd and Wedderburn’s place on the twelve-firm panel has again been renewed.

Head of Legal at Sainsbury’s, Nick Grant, said:

“We take this opportunity every three years to look at the quality and range of firms in the Sainsbury’s Legal Community to ensure the company continues to receive the best possible service. I’m very pleased with the outcome – we’ve managed to both bring in new talent and retain the expertise and experience of long-standing Sainsbury’s firms. I and my in-house team look forward to working with them all over the next few years to deliver the first rate legal service that our business has come to expect.”