Shepherd and Wedderburn helps ProjectScotland volunteers tune up their CV preparation and interview skills

8 September 2016

Shepherd and Wedderburn helps ProjectScotland volunteers tune up their CV preparation and interview skills

Today, the HR team at leading UK law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn will play a small part in helping nine young people on their road to employment. Through the firm’s participation on ProjectScotland’s Certificate of Work Readiness (CWR) programme, the team will offer advice on CV writing and interview techniques.

ProjectScotland, a Scottish volunteering organisation, arranges placements of 16 to 30-year-olds at local charities and non-profit organisations with the aim of growing their skills, experience and confidence in order to increase their chances of employability.

All placements last for a minimum of three months during which time participants receive mentoring from ProjectScotland, as well as financial support to cover travel costs. Committing 20-30 hours per week not only allows volunteers to gain valuable experience in the workplace but also benefits hundreds of Third Sector organisations in Scotland.

Through a new partnership with Skills Development Scotland, ProjectScotland now also offers the Certificate of Work Readiness, an accredited training programme which complements the practical experience gained through volunteer placements.

Every week CWR participants receive one hour of training to prepare them for full-time employment. The programme promises, amongst other things, a greater understanding of the general responsibilities of employment and customer care, as well as the skills to deal with challenging situations in the workplace.

As part of the programme, the HR team at Shepherd and Wedderburn are running a workshop, providing practical guidance on interview technique and CV writing. Afterwards, all nine participants will have the opportunity to go over their CVs and get ready for the job application process in a one-to-one CV clinic.

"ProjectScotland provides a fantastic opportunity to some of Scotland’s young adults to get ready for the workplace”, Shepherd and Wedderburn’s HR Director, Carole Ritchie, commented. “Although figures show that youth unemployment in Scotland has fallen over the last year, equipping young people with the skills and confidence to prepare for interviews remains important. We are excited to help our community’s youth get ready for the job market.”