Charity praises Shepherd and Wedderburn commitment to young people

14 November 2016

Charity praises Shepherd and Wedderburn commitment to young people

The education charity, Impressive People, has praised Shepherd and Wedderburn's commitment to helping young people.

Speaking after last week's Investors In Young People Profiling Event at the firm's Edinburgh office, the charity's Director, Patrick Gaffney, said: “It was great to see such a wide range of youngsters chatting happily to many Shepherd and Wedderburn staff, including senior executives.

“Such situations can be extremely daunting at a young age, but with practice, networking becomes both enjoyable and effective. It is great that a top law firm offers positive opportunities to gain such experience.

“At times, school pupils could be seen enjoying a relaxed chat with Chief Executive, Stephen Gibb and HR Director Carole Ritchie, before mingling with trainees at the firm who could provide valuable advice about the reality of pursuing a career in the law.

“As a teacher, I greatly appreciated the way in which one young person standing hesitantly on his own at the start of the event, was happily mixing with a host of others within 30 minutes. Experiences like this really do help build the self-confidence which is so vital in life.”

The aim of the Impressive People charity is to help raise confidence and aspirations in state schools by working with young people while highlighting successful former pupils of their school.