Businesses looking for next-steps plan in run up to EU referendum

18 May 2016

Businesses looking for next-steps plan in run up to EU referendum

According to Louisa Knox, Partner at UK law firm, Shepherd and Wedderburn, businesses have not yet reached saturation point in their quest for guidance on what a Brexit might mean for their organisation. 

She said, “With the outcome of the referendum so difficult to call, our clients don’t want to leave anything to chance. Many of them, particularly those with global interests have been asking our specialist Brexit advisers to help them map out and define the legal and regulatory issues that might impact on their operations in the event of voters choosing to leave the EU.

“Because we have been interrogating and analysing the possible ramifications of a Brexit for so long”, she said,  “we are very well placed to walk clients through the likely impacts, and  help them draw up next-steps action plans, which can be executed  - or revised -  depending which way the vote goes.” 

To date, the firm’s team of dedicated Brexit advisers, has produced 25 bulletins, some of them giving a broad overview of the scenarios that might play out under any of the alternative economic arrangements, such as EFTA, EEA, the Swiss or Norwegian models or even a more bespoke economic trading arrangement. However, most  of the bulletins drill right down into an analysis of how a Brexit would impact on each of the many business types which the firm serves – banking and finance; energy and natural resources; international trade; food and drink, to name a few. 

Later this month the firm will host a webinar: Are you Referendum ready?  This free-to-attend event will help businesses cut through some of the issues, and  provide them with impartial advice to ensure that they are in the best possible position to deal with the outcome of the vote, regardless of what that might be.

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•    All of our Brexit bulletins and analysis can be found at:
•    Are you Referendum Ready? Takes place on 23rd May.  Further details at:

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