Leaving the EU: opportunities and challenges in the property sector

In this bulletin, we look at the implications for the property sector of leaving the EU and discuss the opportunities as well as the uncertainties ahead.

10 July 2016

Many commentators have taken the view that, over the longer term, the impact of the UK leaving the European Union will be largely neutral. Many regulations which have an impact on the property sector, such as those relating to the environment, employment and conditions of workplaces, will not change as a result of the referendum vote. Whilst there may be an initial downward pressure on capital values, with the reduction in the value of the Pound, the indications are that overseas investors may well see even a period of uncertainty and instability as an opportunity, and the market could be significantly more active than in the run up to the referendum itself. 

We explore some of the issues in this bulletin. Download our Brexit Analysis of the UK property sector