The terms of a New Settlement for the UK’s position within the EU have been brokered by the UK Government, and a referendum date announced. UK voters will go to the polls on 23 June 2016 to decide whether the country is to remain in or leave the EU. Our timeline sets out the key dates preceding and following the referendum. 

As a UK firm, Shepherd and Wedderburn has a dedicated cross-sectoral team analysing, advising and training businesses and individuals on the legal and regulatory implications of both a ‘remain’ and a ‘leave’ referendum outcome. We have thoroughly interrogated both scenarios, to the extent that we are able to provide detailed what-if analysis and advice on next steps to clients seeking to understand how developments in the constitutional space will affect them, whatever their sector, and whatever the outcome of the referendum.

To help you cut through some of the issues and to provide you with impartial advice, Shepherd and Wedderburn’s Brexit Advisers will be issuing weekly in-depth sector specific articles, to talk you through the ‘what-if’ questions and best steps advice. 

We started the Brexit countdown last year with the linked commentary, updated to reflect the latest developments. In this bulletin we look at the latest developments in the concessions won by the UK Government relating to the terms of its membership of the EU. We cover ‘staying in the EU’, and highlight the legal and regulatory outcomes of a ‘Brexit’. 

Our Countdown to the EU Referendum can be found here


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