Brexit Analysis Bulletin: Contracts and E-commerce

Our latest Brexit bulletin looks at commercial contracts and ecommerce, examining the possible scenarios for business in the event of a Brexit.

21 March 2016

In the UK’s current constitutional arrangement as part of the EU, much of the law which governs the formation and interpretation of commercial contracts is harmonised throughout the EU. This bulletin considers: Choice of Law clauses, consumer protection and e-commerce. As in other areas, the consequences of a Brexit will largely depend on the model adopted by the UK upon leaving.

Shepherd and Wedderburn has been for many years offering balanced and impartial advice on how the different scenarios might play out in the event of constitutional change.

With the EU referendum now only weeks away, members of our dedicated Brexit Advisers will continue to interrogate the ‘what if’ questions, relating to specific sectors, that will emerge when the UK decides whether to remain in or leave the EU.

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