BIS Review of employment status: more rights for workers?

Vince Cable has announced a BIS review of employment status which will consider giving more rights to workers.

8 October 2014

Vince Cable has announced that there will be a BIS review of employment status which could give more rights to workers. The changes being considered could go as far as extending all employment rights to workers.

The recent rise in different employment models, including zero-hours contracts, means that many more people are now considered to have only worker status. While all workers and employees have basic rights such as the right to minimum wage, rest breaks and importantly, protection against discrimination, it is only employees who benefit from some key rights including unfair dismissal protection, redundancy and maternity pay, and TUPE protection.

Another concern is that it is often unclear whether a person is a worker or an employee. BIS will also be reviewing the current situation and considering whether greater certainty over status is likely to be helpful for companies and individuals.

The announcement includes a handy checklist showing the existing employment rights available to employees, workers and self-employed individuals.

Click here to see the BIS announcement