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The Life Cycle of a Contract - Death and Estate Planning
In the last of our webinar series, Jane Wessel and Ben Wells focus on a contract's 'death and its estate planning'. They consider the termination of contracts, from planning for termination in the initial drafting, to the various means of termination. There is a particular focus on termination under contentious circumstances, offering insight into the key considerations in dispute resolution.
The Life Cycle of a Contract - Middle Age and Divorce
In the second webinar in the series, Claire Stockford and Alastair Brown focus on a contract's 'middle age and divorce', discussing what happens when contracts go wrong and parties don’t act as agreed. They also consider different degrees of breaches and various remedies open to the aggrieved party, including damages.
The Top 5 Adjudication Cases of 2016
Our highly anticipated Construction Case Law webinar series continues with the Top 5 Adjudication Cases of 2016. In this webinar, our construction and infrastructure disputes specialists discuss the top five adjudication cases of 2016 and the key aspects in each case.
The "must know" contract cases of 2016
Kick start 2017 with a round-up of the significant contract law cases of 2016. Speakers Daisy Bovingdon, a member of the Commercial Disputes team who advises clients on a variety of contractual and intellectual property matters and Alison Rochester, an associate in the Trade and Commerce team, who specialises in advising on all aspects of commercial contracts explain the important legal developments in the law of contract over the past 12 months.
The Life Cycle of a Contract - Teenage Problem Years
In the series' second webinar, Guy Harvey and Douglas Campbell focus on the 'teenage problem years' of a contract, considering potential challenges which may arise as performance of a contract progresses, such as contract governance, disagreements over certain terms, and variation of contracts.