The Scottish electorate has voted ‘no’ to independence. However, the ‘no’ vote will still result in constitutional change for Scotland, not least because of the pledge by all main UK political parties to devolve further powers to the Scottish Parliament. Additionally, key provisions of the Scotland Act 2012 will come into force over the next two years giving the Scottish government additional powers and a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU is proposed for 2017.

Our experts have in-depth understanding of the wider implications of constitutional reform and of how the various scenarios are likely to play out in the post-referendum landscape. As a UK firm, Shepherd and Wedderburn is committed to providing UK and international clients with insightful advice on the legal and regulatory implications of the issues relating to further devolution and EU membership. Now is the time to speak to your Shepherd and Wedderburn advisers about what the ‘no’ vote means for you.

Shepherd and Wedderburn have prepared a  brief overview of the short to medium term changes expected in the post referendum environment, which can be downloaded here