The dynamic nature of rural dispute resolution makes it a practice area that is constantly changing. Our rural litigation experts are hosting a webinar series discussing some of the potentially contentious issues that may arise in the rural sector and how to resolve them.

The first webinar in the series, Common problems that arise from serving notices under agricultural leases, will look at some of the most common disputes that arise from serving notices under agricultural property contracts and how these may be resolved.  We’ll also include some practical tips for land owners, tenants and their advisers.

Other webinars in the series

Thursday 26 April 2018: Debt in the countryside

Thursday 31 May 2018: Ransom strips in rural land development (part 1)

Thursday 28 June 2018: Ransom Strips in rural land development (part 2)



The webinar series will be presented by Elaine Brailsford, partner, commercial and rural litigation; Hamish Lean, partner, rural property and business; and Stephanie Hepburn, associate, commercial and rural litigation.

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