Recovery of the costs of litigation is an important consideration whether defending or pursuing a claim. The rules for recovery in Scotland are similar to those applicable in England & Wales, but there are important differences to be aware of.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Potential benefits of bringing a claim in Scotland in relation to expenses (costs), where you have a choice of forum;
  • How to navigate the Scottish expenses (costs) rules: an overview of the process;
  • Where the approach to expenses is similar north and south of the border; and
  • Some important differences between the forums.

This webinar is the first in a two part series. Please join us for Part 2, where we will explain how to enforce (i) a Scottish Court Order in other parts of the UK, and abroad; and (ii) a foreign judgment, in Scotland. Full details are to follow.


This webinar will be of interest to solicitors based north and south of the border who advise clients on the possibility of raising or defending proceedings in Scotland, and to in-house solicitors advising businesses on Scottish litigation.


Thomas McFarlane is a solicitor in our Commercial Disputes team and advises on a broad range of commercial dispute resolution matters. Thomas has considerable experience in Commercial Actions raised in Scotland's highest court, the Court of Session, including professional negligence actions, shareholder and director disputes, and other contractual and delictual/tort claims. He also acts regularly for clients in the Scottish Sheriff Courts.

Daisy Bovingdon is a member of the Commercial and International Disputes team, and advises clients on a variety of disputes including breach of contract, professional negligence claims, and intellectual property. Daisy is currently involved in a number of disputes before the Court of Session, and also appears in the Sheriff Court. Advising clients on the costs implications of the litigation process is an integral part of Daisy's work, and she appears on behalf of clients at taxation before the auditors of the Court of Session and Sheriff Courts, where accounts of expenses are in dispute

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