We are hosting a series of oil and gas webinars, covering a variety of topics including identifying and mitigating counterparty default; an oil & gas case law update, and information regarding MER UK – assessing the new regulatory regime and collaboration and competition issues.

In the series' fifth webinar, MER UK - Assessing the new regulatory regime, Gordon Downie and Tom Swan will assess the implications of the new regulatory regime for upstream oil and gas.

Other webinars in the series:

  • Wednesday 21 September: Counterpart insolvency in the oil and gas sector (Watch the recording here)
  • Wednesday 28 September: Dealing with default - Default remedies in joint operating agreements (Watch the recording here)
  • Wednesday 12 October: Oil & gas case law update (Watch the recording here)
  • Wednesday 26 October: International disputes in the oil and gas sector (Watch the recording here)
  • Wednesday 23 November: MER UK - The dividing line between collaboration and competition (Watch the recording here)

This webinar series is particularly relevant to people working within the oil & gas industry, or advisers with clients operating in the sector.