Why is it that some businesses have to deal with time-consuming and costly preliminary disputes when their international commercial agreement doesn’t quite go to plan? Could it be that they failed at the outset to truly factor in the possibility of the deal breaking down, and as a consequence, failed to clearly document how and where any dispute should be resolved?

Leading international commercial dispute lawyers, Jane Wessel and Barbara Bolton, will answer these questions during a new series of coffee break webinars: 3am Clauses and How to Make the Right Choices

Each of the four 15 minute webinars will provide practical insight and guidance on how parties to international commercial agreements can make informed choices as to how and where a possible dispute should be resolved, and which law should apply in the event of a dispute. 

Jane and Barbara will walk attendees through the value in crafting the best dispute resolution clause, serving up cautionary tales along the way, which highlight some of the complications and problems that can stem from simply reaching for a standard clause when finalising the deal.

They will provide a clear no-nonsense overview of the practicalities of choosing one method of dispute resolution over another, explaining, for instance, the circumstances in which arbitration might be more appropriate than litigation in court and vice versa; and the pros and cons of deciding on a forum in, say New York as opposed to New Delhi. 

Other webinars in the series:


Our series of coffee break webinars is particularly relevant to:

  • In-house lawyers
  • General Counsel
  • Anyone involved in drafting international commercial agreements