Join our new Construction Contracts Webinar Series, which will focus on recent developments in contract law as applicable to construction contracts.

Iain Drummond and his team will provide an overview of key changes in contractual interpretation, contractual notification provisions and legal interferences with freedom of contract, such as implied terms and penalties. 

The sessions are designed to help you identify the developments that are significant in terms of your own practice. They will also include practical tips on how to avoid the potential pitfalls associated with the recent changes, and how to turn these changes to your advantage.

This second webinar in the series will provide clients with an overview of developments relating to contractual notification requirements and how these are being interpreted in the context of disputes. Our speakers will focus on interpretation, compliance and consequences and will share their knowledge and expertise to provide some practical tips to avoid falling foul of the rules, and on how to use them to your advantage. 

Further webinars in the series:


The webinars will be particularly relevant to construction professionals including:

  • Contracts and commercial managers
  • Project managers and consultants
  • In-house lawyers
  • Client representatives
  • Clients