Are you EU Referendum ready?

With the EU referendum only a few weeks away, businesses are clamouring for guidance on what a Brexit might mean for their organisation. And with the outcome of the referendum so difficult to call, our clients are making it clear that they want to have a next steps plan before the country goes to the polls on 23 June.

Our webinar will help you answer those what-if questions and plan the next steps.

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Helping you cut through some of the issues, our Brexit advisers will provide you with impartial advice to ensure that you are in the best possible position to deal with the outcome of the vote, regardless of what that might be.

Using a practical case study of a business with both UK and EU operations and a cross-border corporate structure, our specialist team will help you understand how the various scenarios might play out and interrogate those questions that you may wish to address in your own business.
Issues covered include:

• Free movement and trade
• Competition/antitrust
• Banking and finance
• Energy, IP, contracts
• E-commerce
• Corporate tax
• VAT and Customs
• Employment
• Pensions
• Property


Whether you are yes, no or unsure, our completely impartial advice will help you be EU referendum ready. Register your place to join the discussion.

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