This webinar will consider some of the ways in which conducting business in Scotland may become easier as a result of proposed changes in the formalities for executing and delivering documents. In the first part of this webinar we will consider the Legal Writings (Counterparts and Delivery) (Scotland) Bill which, in Scots Law, will allow the execution of documents in counterpart, and enable delivery of traditional documents by electronic means.

In the second part of the discussion, we will look at the introduction in 2015 of digital Smartcards for all practising members of the Law Society of Scotland. Replacing the current practising certificate, the Smartcard provides a secure electronic signature allowing solicitors to digitally sign documents and contracts. It will also act as a “professional ID”; a verification of identity and credentials. We will provide an overview of the background to the introduction of the Smartcards and the legislative regime surrounding the status of electronic signatures.

The webinar will conclude with a plenary session looking at how these changes might make it easier to conduct business in Scotland, some practical implications of the proposed changes and potential risks of electronic signatures.


This webinar will be particularly relevant to inhouse lawyers registered as practising solicitors with the Law Society of Scotland and commercial managers responsible for managing contracts.

Online Event