In honour of the detective who never lived and will never die, Shepherd and Wedderburn presents a seminar on private prosecutions at the Museum of London, including private access to the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition. The seminar will explore how private prosecutions provide an attractive alternative for victims of fraud and a potential solution to the increasing difficulties created by falling police budgets. In addition to comparing the advantages of a private prosecution with civil proceedings, we will explore the practical considerations for parties thinking of initiating a private prosecution.


This seminar will be particularly relevant and of interest to professionals with exposure to corporate fraud including:-

  • Company Executives and managers;
  • General Counsel and in-house lawyers; and
  • Company Security Officers.

Guy Harvey - Shepherd and Wedderburn
David Walbank - Red Lion Chambers
Kenneth Day - Richmond Day & Wilson Ltd

Location: Museum of London, 150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN