A county court judgment published last week quashed restrictive covenants contained in a Crawley Borough Council letting scheme on the basis that such restrictions breached competition law (Martin Retail Group Limited v Crawley Borough Council).  The decision contains some suprises and highlights the need to take such claims seriously with relevant specialist competition law and economic advice.

This judgment as well as the wider application of competition law to land agreements will be covered in this webinar.

Property Agreements and Competition Law - This webinar gives an overview of how competition law applies to property agreements, such as restrictive title covenants and leases containing use restrictions, and the practical impact it can have.


This webinar will be of interest to commercial landlords and tenants, developers and surveyors with property interests.


Daniel Bain is a solicitor with over eight years' experience in commercial dispute resolution, specialising in property and contractual disputes, including landlord and tenant disputes, litigation arising out of contracts for the sale of property, and title disputes.

Marianne Charrier is a solicitor in the competition team who regularly advises companies in bringing or defending competition law cases.

John Schmidt is a partner in the competition team with almost 20 years' experience in representing companies in bringing or defending competition law claims.

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