• Do you have, or are you considering, a renewables project on your, or your client's, land?
  • Are you actively negotiating terms with developers for these projects?
  • Do you understand the practical implications that Electricity Market Reform (EMR) will have on these projects?

The Government’s EMR programme will affect the way in which renewables projects are supported and land owners and agents need to be aware of the practical implications of these changes to be able to negotiate with knowledge and confidence.

The minefield of EMR is not an easy one to navigate with many questions still unanswered, ongoing consultations and additional information from DECC due out in March.

We may not have all the answers but we are leading experts on the electricity market and the EMR programme and we can help you understand what it is you need to know.

Our seminar will discuss the key elements of EMR (which may have left you confused) such as the Contract for Difference,  milestone targets for developers, strike prices and reference prices, and the Levy Control Framework. More importantly, we will advise you on the practical implications of these changes as they will affect you and your clients' projects and the new challenges (and opportunities) which will be faced.

We want to make sure we cover the main challenges you are facing. Should you wish us to cover any area in particular, please indicate this in the free text box on the registration page.


This seminar will be of interest to land owners and agents to explore the practical implications of the changing landscape affecting renewable developments going forward under the EMR programme.


Hugh Smith and Nicky Pascoe - advise developers and landowners on securing rights to land for renewable developments
James Saunders and Suzanna Wolstenholme - advise on wider implications of electricity market reform in addition to Power Purchase Agreements. James was a member of the DECC Expert Group on Institutional Frameworks under Electricity Market Reform


Perth Concert Hall
Mill Street