This webinar series will look at how common behavioural impulses can cause predictable responses in settlement and negotiation processes.  Over the course of the webinar series, we will be: considering some familiar concepts from fresh angles; introducing some less familiar concepts; and analysing how each can be used to gain or counter advantage.  We will provide handy tips for applying the concepts, both towards manipulating behaviour in counterparties and protecting against manipulation by them.

The first webinar in the series provides an introductory exploration and overview of behavioural psychology research in relation to dispute resolution and negotiation.


This webinar will be particularly relevant to professionals with exposure to settlement and negotiation processes including:-

  • General counsel and in-house lawyers
  • Contracts and commercial managers
  • Project managers and consultants

The webinar will be led by Guy Harvey, a partner in our London Commercial Disputes and Regulation Group, and fellow senior members of the team.

Online Event