We are delighted to invite you to the third in our series of webinars on crisis management.

Crises can take a number of forms, including:
•  Accidents and disasters with loss of life
•  Wrongdoing at board level
•  Product defects, liability and recall
•  Brand conflict with competitors
•  Data security incidents
•  Cash flow impact of litigation
•  Investigations and interventions from regulators

In this programme, we will focus on some of the legal aspects of planning for, managing and investigating a crisis.

The third webinar of this series will look at how to best deal with the investigation of the factual context of a crisis once it has arisen, particularly in regulatory contexts.  We will explore the legal implications of the importance of document retention and managing the internal process and flow of information.


This webinar series will be particularly relevant to:•  In-house lawyers•  Directors and CEOs•  Regulatory affairs professionals•  Commercial managers•  Compliance managers


Mandy DeeleyNatasha Durkin

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