The long-awaited Jackson reforms, concerning the funding of civil disputes in England & Wales, came into force on 1 April 2013. The urgency with which the government has advanced the legislative program supporting the reforms led some commentators to predict a rushed job. The next few months and years will see how well the reforms ‘bed down’ and how the legal profession embraces them.

What were the reasons behind the reforms and how has the legislation sought to achieve their objective? Will the reforms signal the start of a further cycle of ‘costs wars’ and make the English Courts a less attractive place in which to conduct litigation? What might be the unintended consequences of the reforms and how will the legal profession react to exploit them?

This seminar will look at these questions and more to assess the Jackson reforms and discuss their likely impact in detail. We will review the first two months of the new rules in action and provide you with clear, informed guidance on what the reforms will mean to you now and we will predict what they are likely to mean to you in the future.



This seminar will be of interest to in-house lawyers, commercial contracts managers, finance directors and other professionals dealing with claims.


Guy Harvey
John MacKenzie
Ben Pilbrow


Shepherd and Wedderburn

Condor House

10 St Paul's Churchyard