Shepherd and Wedderburn's Energy and Natural Resources group is delighted to invite you to our Key issues in windfarm development seminar.

If you are a developer in onshore or offshore wind in the UK it is critical you address any possible stakeholder objections to your scheme from either NATS or Ministry of Defence as efficiently and openly as possible. Shepherd and Wedderburn's Energy and Consents team has had detailed and regular dealings with both stakeholders at planning inquiries over many years.

We understand:

> the underlying technical issues and likely solutions

> the approach that MoD and NATS arelikely to adopt

> how to document solutions based on simple software patches through to more complex arrangements for new radar installations.

> how planning policy has and is developing in this area

> what consenting authorities are looking for by way of mitigation agreements and planning conditions

This issue remains a hot topic for the industry but with a well-considered strategy and an up front and open approach to dealing with the key stakeholders it is now possible to mitigate the risk arising from sustained aviation objections for many projects.



Developers of onshore and offshore wind projects and their funders will be interested in this seminar.


Colin Innes
Liz McRobb


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