In 2007 a comprehensive review was undertaken of the structure and operation of the Scottish civil courts: The Scottish Civil Courts Review. The review was led by Lord Gill, then Scotland's second most senior judge. It recommended a number of radical improvements including active case management at all levels; increased specialism amongst judges and courts; and the increased use of IT. Its recommendations were met with general approval, but there was scepticism as to whether there would be the political will to push through the recommendations and to finding the necessary funding to do so. 

However, since then Lord Gill has been appointed Lord President, and is now Scotland's most senior judge. Also, it is clear that the political will does exist to make the necessary changes and to do so to meet the totality of the recommendations rather than in piecemeal fashion as was initially feared. Lord Gill has recently made public his gratitude for Scottish Government support of the reforms, but also his expectations that they are carried through. Major changes to the civil courts system in Scotland are therefore now in prospect.

The speakers will explain the proposed reforms and the various consultations and legislation already under way.



This webinar will be of interest to all in-house counsel, director level executives and contract managers.


Iain Drummond, Partner
John MacKenzie, Partner

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