Dilapidations claims are a regular source of dispute between landlords and tenants.  Particularly in the current economic climate, landlords should be focussing on efficient management of their portfolio and enforcement of their contractual rights, including in relation to dilapidations, whilst tenants should be working to ensure that their exposure to such claims is kept to a minimum.

This seminar will look at a range of issues in relation to dilapidations obligations, including the scope of repairing obligations under leases and recent developments in the law in that area.  It will consider remedies available to a Landlord to enforce their repairing obligations, tenant defences, and practical tips in relation to enforcing dilapidations obligations and managing potential liabilities.  The seminar will also provide an introduction to the law on dilapidations claims in England, looking at  key points to consider when dealing with dilapidations south of the border, including application of the latest version of the Dilapidations Protocol.



Commercial landlords and tenants, developers and managing agents with property interests north and south of the border.


Colin Archibald, PartnerDaniel Bain, AssistantKatie Logan, Assistant

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Shepherd and Wedderburn, Glasgow

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