The Scottish Government’s proposals for introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol sales and to impose a public health levy on large retailers selling alcohol and tobacco look set to be approved by the Scottish Parliament later this year.  But will the new rules fall outside legislative competence or not?  There has been a great deal of debate on this topic, not always well informed.  The Scottish courts have also issued some important rulings in this area, most recently the Inner House ruling in the Imperial Tobacco case.  So, what are the key constitutional and legal issues and how are they likely to be resolved by the courts in the event of a challenge?  This webinar will unbundle the various strands of a likely legal challenge and consider their prospects of success.

The webinar will run for no more than 30 minutes and the presenters will be Gordon Downie and Natasha Durkin. Gordon is a partner, and Natasha is a senior associate, in the regulation and markets team


This webinar will be of interest to the anyone with an interest in the drinks and tobacco industries, the retail sector and in-house solicitors

Online Event