House of Commons

Monday 8 May
Oral questions - Work and Pensions
Legislation - Civil Aviation Bill - Consideration of Lords Amendments
Motion - to approve European documents relating to future EU finances
Adjournment - Regulation of the press

Tuesday 9 May
Oral questions - Scotland; Constitutional Affairs; Leader of the House; House of Commons Commission
Ten minute rule - Misuse of Drugs (Reclassification of Methylamphetamine)
Debate - Opposition day  - debate on 'the need for the Government to appoint a turn around team to the Dept of Health'
Adjournment - Proposed closure of RAF Hythe

Wednesday 10 May
Oral questions - International Development; Prime Minister
Ten minute rule - Regulation of Mortgage Repossessions
Legislation - Police and Justice Bill - remaining stages
Motion - to establish a Joint Committee on the conventions of the House of Lords
Adjournment - drowning of Matthew Marsden

Thursday 11 May
Oral questions - Treasury
Legislation - Housing Corporation (Delegation) Etc Bill - remaining stages
Debate - on creating confident consumers on a Motion for the Adjournment of the House
Adjournment - Rod licences on the Border Esk

Friday 12 May
Private Members' Bills
Adjournment - Health care in Hastings

House of Lords

Monday 8 May
Oral Questions
Legislation - Lighter Evenings (Experiment) Bill - report stage; Work and Families Bill - third reading; Northern Ireland Bill; Electoral Administration Bill

Tuesday 9 May
Oral Questions
Legislation - Company Law Reform Bill - report stage; Health Bill
Unstarred Question

Wednesday 10 May
Oral Questions
Legislation -Dynamic Demand Appliances Bill - third reading; Company Law Reform - report; Childcare Bill
Motion - to approve procedure of the House
Unstarred Question

Thursday 11 May
Oral Questions
Debate - On contribution of the arts to the economy
Motions - Report of the EU Committee on economic migration

Friday 12 May

Legislation - Police (NI) Bill - third reading; Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill - second reading

Bill Tracker

Animal Welfare Bill

House of Commons: Standing Committee A 24 & 26 January.  First reading House of Lords 15 March, second reading 18 April, Grand Committee May 24

Company Law Reform Bill

House of Lords: Committee Stage, 30 January & 1, 6, 9, 27 Feb & 1, 7, 14, 15, 20, 28 & 30 March, 26 April.  Third reading May 23.

Compensation Bill

House of Lords: Committee Stage 23 & 25 January.  Report stage 7 March, Third reading March 27.  House of Commons, second reading 18 April.

Fraud Bill

House of Lords: Committee Stage 31 January.  Report stage 14 March, third reading 29 March 2006, no further dates set.

Government of Wales Bill

House of Commons: Committee Stage 23, 24 & 30 January, 27, 28 February.  House of Lords, first reading 1 March, second reading 22 March.  House of Lords Committee 19 April, 3 & 23 May.

National Lottery Bill

House of Lords: Second Reading 6 February.  Committee 13 & 21 March.  Report Stage 24 April.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (Exemption from Regulation) Bill

House of Commons:  First reading March 7 2006, Second reading May 12 2006.  No further dates set.

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