The House of Commons and the House of Lords are on Whitsun recess between
27 May and 6 June.



The ballot for Private Members' Bills for this
session of Parliament 2005-06 took place on Thursday 26 May 2005. The
results were as follows:

1) Marsha Singh (Lab)
2) Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Con)
Short (Lab)
4) Mark Lazarowicz (Lab)
5) Anne McIntosh (Con)
6) Tom Clarke
7) Alan
Williams (Lab)
8) Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Con)
9) Alan Whitehead (Lab)
Mary Creagh (Lab)
11) Sally Keeble (Lab)
12) Nigel Evans (Con)
13) David Curry
John Whittingdale (Con)
15) Frank Cook (Lab)
16) Owen Paterson (Con)
Shailesh Vara (Con)
18) Shona McIsaac (Lab)
19) John Grogan (Lab)
20) Laurence

The higher up the ballot an MP is, the greater the priority they
will be given in attempting to pilot their chosen bill on to the statute
book. With private members' bills susceptible to being talked up, coming
near the
of the list is the only way of being reasonably confident of passing
legislation. For those lower down the list, however, private members' bills
can still
provide an opportunity to push an issue up the political agenda even
it is much
less likely that they will actually be able to change the law.

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